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Brother DCP 7065DN Toner Cartridges


 Your brother DCP 7065DN printer is pre installed with the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. So, you must simply remove the packing materials and load papers to use it for printing and it is as follows:

  • Unbox your Brother DCP 7065DN printer.
  • You will find a drum unit and toner cartridge assembly, a driver installation CD, a reference guide, a power cord, a quick setup guide and a product safety guide along with your DCP 7065DN printer.
  • Remove the packing materials from your 7065DN printer.
  • Open the top cover of your DCP 7065DN printer.
  • Move all the eight drum locks to the directions specified.
  • Take away each drum unit and toner cartridge assembly and remove the orange coloured packing materials from each assembly. Also, remove the orange packing materials from the belt unit that is found underneath the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. While installing the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly, do not touch anywhere in the assembly as it may damage the assembly cause printing issues.
  • Then, shake the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly to each sides to male the toner cartridges move freely.
  • Now, install the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly in the holders as the colours specified in the DCP 7065DN printer and close the top cover.
  • Open the paper tray that is found under the drum unit.
  • Install the white sheets in the paper tray and adjust the width guides. Do not adjust the width guides too tightly as this may damage your paper and may cause paper stuck issues.
  • Now, connect the power cord that you got along with the package to your printer and to an electrical outlet.
  • Poweron your 7065DN printer. Before switching on your printer, make sure that you have removed all the packing materials away from your Brother DCP 7065DN printer to  avoid printing issues. For picture reference, see to the reference guide provided along with your brother DCP 7065DN printer.

Brother DCP 7065DN toner cartridges